Special Offers

Hosting & Secured Email

Consolidate all your web sites into one easy to manage hosting account.  We offer free web site and server migrations and can migrate most sites and apps such as WordPress from most providers for free!  All Plans below include FREE SSL.

Host 2 or more complete sites/domains with optimized php for WordPress (WP) and business apps. Increase search ranking, look more professional and secures connections. Fast setup, one click apps, FTP/s and WP tools for building and managing your web site!

SSL Hosting


 - Free SSL certificates
 - 2 SSL Sites, 50 email addresses
 - 512MB RAM, 1 CPU core

 - 250GB BW, 4GB storage

 - 2GB Ultra Fast Storage

 - Manage / Email (Open Demo)



Secured Email


 - Stop Threats Before They Reach You!
 - Stop Malware, Viruses, Phishing Scams
 - Managed by humans 24/7
 - Zero minute threat protection
 - Stops 99.9% of viruses/spam

 - Under 1 false positive/100,000




 - 10 SSL Sites, 250 Email addresses
 - Free SSL For Each Domain

 - 1GB RAM, 1 CPU Core

 - 500GB BW, 10GB Storage

 - 5GB Ultra Fast Storage

 - Master/Client (Open Demo)