Secured Email

$2/user per month

Extraordinarily Accurate Spam, ew Phishing and Virus Filtering

We partnered with Edegewave to offer our users the most accurate and powerful spam, phishing and threat detection in the industry. This multi-engine scanner defends against a wide range of advanced threats, keeping your organization safe.

EdgeWave's ePrism email security provides threat defense through the unique fusion of advanced technology.  The expertise of EdgeWave’s cyber security analysts precisely identifies attacks and synchronize defensive measures in real time. Trust ePrism to precisely identify and stop spam, phishing and Advanced Persistent Threats, keeping your staff and data safe from even the most sophisticated email-borne threats.

- Nothing to install, setup or train for you or your clients.
- Fully redundant hosted gateway on multiple servers and connections.
- Transparent, works with all email apps.
- Simple daily email reports.
- Human based, the threat database is updated 24/7 by real people.
- Stops over 99.9% of spam and viruses, under 1 in 100,000 false positives.

Zero-Minute Defense against spam and phishing attacks

Zero Minute Defense™ is the real-time protection behind ePrism email Security. Zero Minute Defense combines human review with next-generation technology to stop the most sophisticated of email-based spam and threats. Because hackers are determined to create novel ways to infiltrate, it takes a human to determine if a message is legitimate or an adversary attack.

How Zero Minute Defense Works:

  • Email messages pass through proprietary next-generation artificial intelligence filters, including multiple antivirus engines, to identify anomalous or unusual behavior.
  • Edgewave analysts then review for psychological and technical threat cues.  When a threat is identified, their cyber security analysts immediately create and synchronize threat protection rules for all ePrism customers.  On average 200 new rules are created every day to stop emerging threats, with nearly 30,000 rules active at any given time.

  • No other solution offers Edgewave’s Zero Minute Defense’s unique and effective combination of human and artificial intelligence to accurately identify and stop even the most sophisticated of email-based threats in real time.

The industry’s lowest false positive rate!

What good is a spam filter if you have to constantly check your spam or junk email folder? With this unique human-reviewed system, ePrism has the industry’s lowest rate of false positives. And our field-proven, multi-layered security protects your organization against today’s toughest threats. Trust ePrism for your email security needs, so you can get on with your business.  The cost for this service is $2/mo per user and free for aliases.  Get started by ordering below.

We are so confident you will be happy we offer a 100% 60 days money back guarantee for up to 5 Mailboxes. 
Simply cancel within the first 60 days for a full refund and we will eat the cost!

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